Electrician Services in Billings MT

The electricians at Elk Ridge Electric specialize in servicing whatever need arises in your home or business.  From simple installation to complex problem solving, we are here to help.

Residential Electrical Services

Custom kitchen lighting remodel

The professionals at Elk Ridge Electric can help you take full advantage of all those modern-day electrical perks.  We specialize in all things residential – new construction, remodel projects, and troubleshooting problems. Whether your outlets need updated, or you need us to install state-of-the-art smart home automation, we are the experts!  We will be on time, on budget, and make sure we leave a clean job site when we’re done.  Here are some of the residential services we provide:

Commercial Electrical Services

Woman smiling near restaurant table with custom lighting

Good businesses are guaranteed to do one thing – grow, and  Elk Ridge Electric can help ensure that the electrical systems and infrastructure meet your changing needs.  We pride ourselves in our ability to plan for the future of a business from the beginning, whether you’re building a business from the ground up, or retrofitting an existing space to meet new demands. Here are just some of the commercial electrical services we provide:

  • Panel and Service Upgrades
  • Commercial Electrical Maintenance
  • Phone, Cable and Data Lines
  • New Construction Rough-in and Finish-out
  • Tenant Finish-out
  • Transfer Switch and Generator Systems

Some of our popular electrical services in Billings MT

Specialized home and business lighting

kitchen with modern lighting

Want to swap out the hospital-like stark lighting of florescent fixtures in your kitchen with low-profile recessed can lights?  How about adding a new chandelier in your entryway?  Updating the interior lighting of your home can have a big visual payoff.

Retrofit all those florescent fixtures in your business with LED bulbs.  Not only will you qualify for tax deductions and rebates, but you’ll save on your electric bill every month as well.

Lighting Retrofits

Commercial led lighting retrofit in a warehouse

Retrofitting your conventional lighting systems with LEDs is something Elk Ridge Electric frequently does for commercial buildings in Billings.  This upgrade to your light fixtures increases energy efficiency.  In many instances, energy costs can be cut by 50% or more following a lighting retrofit.  Not only that, but the owner also often qualifies for tax deductions to help offset the costs of this improvement.

This upgrade also improves the quality of light levels and reduces maintenance.  Better light levels mean improved safety and increased aesthetics of the workspace.  And because of the long life span of LED lighting, there will be a reduction in the need for costly replacement parts and labor.  Win, win.

Commercial Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting at a storage unit warehouse

There are four primary types of commercial security lighting.  Wall packs light areas that are next to the building.  LED parking lights are mounted on poles and light parking lots.  Flood lights can be mounted to poles or the perimeter, which can provide pin point lighting or cover large areas.  Finally, LED high mast lights can be mounted on tall poles to provide some diffuse light to large areas.

The best security is typically provided with a combination of these types of security lighting options so that there is overlapping in the cones of light during the night hours.  It’s also helpful to have multiple types in case one light goes out, the others help cover the darker area until that light can be repaired or replaced.

Commercial Signage Lighting

Neon Lit Sign for Pizza Shop

There are several ways the electricians at Elk Ridge Electric light commercial signs around the Billings area.  They use lightboxes to make a professional and striking backlit sign.  Or they can wire front-lighting channel lighter signs.  Front-lit channel signs have a bold effect, making them a very popular choice.  Halo-lit signs have a sophisticated look by using LED or neon lights to illuminate each element from behind.  Finally, the electricians at Elk Ridge Electric can wire your big neon sign – that iconic neon glow that leans heavily into that vintage feel from yesteryear.

Maybe it’s not the sign itself that needs wired, but the area around your sign. Recessed lighting can be installed to light shadowy areas of your signage, ground lighting can be installed to illuminate monument type signs, or top lighting can light those dimensional letter or hand-painted signs.

Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling fan

Improve the performance of your air conditioner by having Elk Ridge Electric install energy efficient ceiling fans.  Let the professionals swap out a dated middle-of-the-room light fixture with a ceiling fan/light combo.  Run it counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter for more efficient heating and cooling.

Electrical work for home and business remodels

Electrical wires and meters

Whether it’s a whole-house remodel or a small bathroom remodel, the professionals at Elk Ridge Electric have you covered.  Install under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen, or wall sconces flanking your new bathroom mirror.

Your business could highlight those new architectural features with cove, soffit and valance lighting.

Electrical Switches and Dimmers

person turning off light switch

Now that you’ve painted your walls, your nicotine-yellow light switches and outlets scream out to be changed.  The professionals at Elk Ridge Electric can make that happen.  Think about swapping your switches for a dimmers and increase the lifespan of your lights, save on your electric bills, and change the mood of the room.

Your home or business may benefit from the installation of dusk-to-dawn switches.  These switches will trigger your exterior lights on and off based on the amount of light that reaches the light sensor – providing added security during those dark hours of night.

Electrical Repairs

Electrician repairing electrical switch

It is not uncommon for the electrical systems in homes and businesses to fail.  Unfortunately.  From dead circuits to flickering lights, continually tripping breakers to sparking outlets, the professionals at Elk Ridge Electric can help.  Each and every service electrician at Elk Ridge Electric has been highly trained in solving electrical problems in homes and businesses.  Let us put your mind at ease.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Electrician testing an electrical breaker box

Electrical maintenance should be performed annually.  The electricians at Elk Ridge Electric will check your outlets, breaker boxes, wires, batteries, switches and other electrical components to make sure there’s no cracking or corrosion.  They will replace burnt-out bulbs and broken lamps in fixtures.  They will replace any batteries that need replacing and keep circuit boxes, grilles, and electrical storage clean – free of dust, dirt, and debris.

Routine electrical maintenance of your commercial property will optimize its energy efficiency, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and improve electrical safety (avoid the risk of shock and fire).  So essentially, routine electrical maintenance will save you money.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

person charging electrical vehicle

We’ve been some of the first electricians in Billings to install electric charging stations in homes and businesses.  As the growth of EVs continues to change the way homes and businesses travel, Elk Ridge Electric is on the leading edge of planning, installing, and servicing EV charges for homes and businesses.

Learn More about EV Charger Install

What sets Elk Ridge Electric apart?

The electricians that work here.  Period.  The electricians at Elk Ridge Electric are a special group.  They take pride in their work and do the best job they can in the least amount of time possible.  The quality of their work and the content of their character (to borrow a phrase from a great man) set them apart from the rest. The testimony of this truthfulness can be seen across online rating systems for Elk Ridge Electric.

Hire us, you won’t be disappointed.

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